Party of Four Dinner Napkins

Party of Four Dinner Napkins


If you could have a dinner party with any four women from history who would you invite? How about Beyonce, Patti Smith, Iris Apfel, and Frida Kahlo? Well guess what?! You’re in luck! Because we can make this happen. These BEAUTIFUL limited edition linen napkins by super-duper uper-looper awesome woman, Lillie of Concept Fourteen, are currently sold out across the internet, except for right here. these limited edition linen dinner napkins.

The napkins are 100% linen and printed in the most eco-friendly way possible and handmade in the U.S.A. At 20” x 20,” these napkins are larger than the standard dinner napkin because, sometimes, bigger is better.

Each set includes 4 limited edition napkins. Napkins are tag-less and include an inspirational quote printed along the inseam of each napkin.

All designs are original and hand-painted from the heart.

Machine wash cold.

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